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Frequently Asked Questions Ask a question

  • Is Fort Riley an open post? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    Fort Riley does have areas that can be visited by the public, including museums, historic sites, and monuments, but it is not an open post. Civilians need a valid photo ID, proof of insurance, and current vehicle registration to enter the post. All vehicles are subject to random search.

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  • Does Fort Riley have an MWR? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    Fort Riley has Morale Welfare and Recreation facilities, including lake recreation, a golf course, and other activities.

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  • What is Manhattan like? What is Junction City like? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    Manhattan, Kansas, is a small city, mostly surrounded by farmland, and home of Kansas State University. Junction City is a military town. We have a profile on the area around Fort Riley here, and more information on the left and right.

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  • Who is Fort Riley named for? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    Both Fort Riley and Riley County are named for Major General Bennett C. Riley, commander of military escorts along the Santa Fe Trail, which passed through this part of Kansas. Later in his life Maj. Gen. Riley was a hero of the Mexican-American War.

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  • How old is Fort Riley? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    Fort Riley was first built in 1853. It was used as a frontier fort through the Civil War. Later, it was one of the main training centers of World War I and World War II. We have more history on Fort Riley here.

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  • Is off post housing available near Fort Riley? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    Junction City is often called a military city, and local landlords are familiar with the needs of Soldiers PCSing to or from base. More information about off post and on post housing for Fort Riley is available here.

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  • I am currently deployed in Iraq and am stationed at Ft. Riley, Kansas. When I return in March my wife will be going to school in another state. I was wondering if there is Geo bachelor housing at Ft. Riley? I know there is on other bases and wanted to know if Ft. Riley offered this as well. (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:

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