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   Saturday, October 21st   
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Outdoor Attractions


Sunset Zoo offers the community a chance to see many different types of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and bird species, including anteaters, hyena, several types of monkeys, cheetah, flamingo, and python. Many exhibits allow visitors to actually walk through the animals' enclosures, in a designated pathway, to get an up-close look at the different creatures.

Flint Hills Discovery Center promotes education of the local Flint Hills ecosystem and tallgrass prairie so that they may be better preserved and enjoyed by the community.

Tuttle Creek State Park contains Kansas' second largest reservoir and dam and is made up of four different areas: River Pond, Fancy Creek, Randolph, and Cedar Ridge. The 12,000 acres of water, 16,000 acres of land, and 100 miles of wooded shoreline make for great hunting and fishing, camping, hiking and equestrian trails. The mountain biking trails are said to be some of the state's best.

Manhattan Linear Park is a mostly smooth trail for bikers, runners, and hikers that leads 9 miles out from Manhattan to Anneberg.

The K-State Botanical Gardens are a mix of flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, trees and water fountains located on campus for students to develop and maintain and the public to enjoy. The Insect Zoo, also on campus, displays live, preserved, and fossilized insects.

Konza Prairie is the largest remaining tallgrass prairie in North America. Most of the nearly 3,500 acres is closed to the public for research, including the roaming area for more than 300 bison, but a 6 mile loop of trails is available for hiking. Wildlife includes prairie birds and prairie chickens, lizards, and wildflowers.

Junction City

Heritage Park
contains a grand water fountain and many memorials like the Civil War Arch, the Kansas Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the 1st Infantry Division Memorial, and a memorial to Junction County and Geary County Law Enforcement. This is also the home of the Sundown Salute, the state's largest multi-day 4th of July celebration.

Milford Lake is the largest man-made lake and reservoir in Kansas. It is a popular spot for camping, swimming, and fishing and has a marina and yacht club, a nature center, and a fish hatchery.

The Kansas Birding Festival takes place in the Milford Lake area of Wakefield, Kansas, just half an hour outside Junction City. Kansas is becoming known as one of the best birding states around, and the festival celebrates the return of hundreds of migrating birds in early spring. 
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